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Key Product Features

-Better carcass grades
-Dry litter and improved hygiene
-Improves digestion and absorption
-Increased weight gain and feed
-Lower occurrences of pathogenic
-Reduced mortality especially in disease
-Raise immunity and improve anti-stress
-Maintain performance on poorer quality
diets by improving nutrient utilization.


Animal Care

Product Description

Enzymes play an important role in modern farming systems. They increase the digestibility of
nutrients, which leads to greater production efficiency and opens reformulation potential for animal
feeds. At the same time, they can reduce the environmental impact of animal production.
Due to high pelleting temperatures, liquid enzymes are the most economical solution for providing
state of the art diets for broilers and other poultry. Enzymes also play a crucial role in minimizing
nutrient waste from farming systems.
Poultry Enzyme Solution PB-20 is a poultry feed additive containing more than 20 enzymes
combined with beneficial organic plant extracts of natural origin in a concentrated, easy to use and
mix liquid form, as a poultry drinking water additive for poultry broilers, layers and turkey grower


a- Prepare a stock solution of 10 mls of PB-20-> Solution per Liter (1,000 mls) or (1 oz per
gallon) of water and inject this concentrate into your water line through your medicator unit set at a
ratio of 1 to 100

b- Use the above solution for the first 7 to 10 days and then reduce the concentration of your
stock solution by 50% until your birds are shipped for processing.

The feed requirements of poultry are directly related to bird weight. Water input and output
is related to feed consumption and to environment temperature. Over half of the water
intake is from the feed. Insufficient water will kill chicks, usually because they are unable to drink.
Automatic waterers ensure poultry will not dehydrate.
Laying hens use annually about 4 Liters of water per dozen eggs.

Broilers will drink 5 to 7 liters per day per 100 birds in moderate weather and 50% more in hot

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Privacy Policy
BioPro Solution. © All rights Reserved.