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Key Product Features


  • Improved growth and health performance

  • Better survival

  • Stronger localized immune response

  • Enhanced bacterial floc formation

  • Improved water quality

  • Reduced pond bottom sludge

  • No negative side effects, no withdrawal times

  • Allows the establishment of healthy gastro-intestinal microflora

  • Reduces digestive upsets



Product Description

BIOZYME AC PRO is specifically formulated with probiotic microbes to promote the immune-stimulatory effect in shrimp and fish starting from the larval stages. Improvements in physiological and immunological activities are known to combat environmental and microbial stressors and block pathogens and avoid disease outbreak.

BIOZYME AC PRO prevents or limits the growth of unwanted bacterial pathogens including salmonella, clostridia and E.coli that can prevent proper nutrient absorption, create intestinal disturbances and eventually cause more serious

Illness. Prevention of illness by a well-maintained microflora balance is accomplished by a method referred to as “competitive exclusion”. That is, the good bacteria take up positions known as enteric sites therefore preventing the pathogenic bacteria from establishing itself and proliferating to become predominant bacteria.


  • Improves water quality

  • Enzymatic action aids digestion

  • Produces inhibitory compounds against pathogens

  • Competitive exclusion of pathogens

  • Enhances immune response

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Privacy Policy
BioPro Solution. © All rights Reserved.