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Key Product Features

Slender Spike Rush Treatment




  • Eliminates Slender Spike Rush

  • Transform a pond into a safe and healthy environment.

  • No need to store, use and/or purchase extremely dangerous chemicals that are carcinogenic.

  • Save on equipment wear and tear.

  • Will not harm humans or wildlife.

  • Increases water clarity.

  • Reduced odour

  • Increased settle-ability

  • Safe to the environment

  • Restores water quality

  • Does not produce hydrogen sulfide


Lakes & Wetland

Product Description

What is Ionization?

The electronic release of zinc ions. An atom has an equal number of electrons and protons. The process of gaining or losing electrons is ionization.

Ions at work

A safe low voltage DC current is applied to the copper-zinc electrodes. As the ions attempt to move from one electrode to the other they become suspended in the water.

-The zinc ions work by disrupting the enzyme balance of bacteria - virus and of course, disrupt the enzyme balance of algae. This process will eliminate both bacteria and algae almost instantly.

-Ionized zinc will keep the water safe and sanitary.

Chemicals vs Ionization

Unfortunately, most chemicals used to purify water are caustic and toxic. Many can be carcinogenic. Zinc is safe for both drinking water as well as swimming pool water and ponds in quantities much greater than necessary for purification.

* The EPA standards for drinking water is 1.0 mg/L of copper and 5 mg/L of zinc. Less than one third is needed of this amount to purify ponds

* In 1992 the national Sanitation Foundation set the guidelines for safe operations of a swimming pool using ionization as a primary disinfectant in specification 50. This is the standard for all forms of pool sanitation.

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Privacy Policy
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