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Key Product Features

Natural Soil Organism Pack Puts Life back into Non-Productive Soils Revives and Reactivates Soil Micro-Ecology

  • Improves soil structure

  • Helps to decompose and recycle organic wastes into beneficial organic matter (humus).

  • Helps to release bound and tied up nutrients required for normal plant development through biological conversion and activity. Inorganic nutrients such as phosphates and trace elements are made available for plant growth by metabolic processes.

  • Stimulates plant growth due to production of plant growth hormones by microbes

  • works as an antagonist to inhibit growth of plant pathogens

  • Prevents Pollution. Soil organisms filter and detoxify chemicals and absorb the excess nutrients that would otherwise become pollutants when they reach groundwater or surface water.


Crop Health

Product Description

Why use BiOrgano TOP?

With the constant use abuse of chemicals, soils have become harder and more difficult to plow. The primary reason for this is due to the destruction of the natural biological systems of the soil. Organic matter content in intensive agricultural soils has been constantly dropping over the past thirty years. When you compare humus levels of 4% to 5% to today’s levels of 1½ to 2.0% it gives you a clear indication of why the biological support system for the needed beneficial microorganisms is being diminished markedly. This effect can be clearly observed when you find non-decomposed corn stalks, thatch and stubble wastes that have been plowed into the soil 1 and even 2 seasons ago. Why does this happen? In simple terms, it is due to a lack of essential microorganism decomposers which are the natural recyclers in soil and water. By using BiOrgano TOP, a concentrated source of natural soil organisms and enzymes, it will help balance the soils natural equilibrium resulting in more productive soils.

In a typical, healthy soil environment, many different soil microorganisms may be found. The importance of microbes is immeasurable, they are essential to the health of all productive soils. Healthy soil should contain no less than 10,000,000 microbes per gram However, in abused soils which have been tilled (tillage increases the loss of humus, soil compaction and topsoil erosion) with chemicals applied as fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and high salt fertilizers, the resident microbial populations can be negatively affected. Augmenting the soil's depleted microbial population with additional microorganisms has been practiced in agriculture for several decades.

Use methods:

  1. Mix ½ to ¾ kg of BiOrgano-TOP with your normal per acre amount of dry granular fertilizer and till into soil in the regular manner.

  2. May also be mixed with water as long as it is filtered to prevent spray nozzle blockage.

  3. After Harvest:

May be applied with limestone at the end or beginning of the season at rates that would provide ½ to ¾ kg per acre.

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Privacy Policy
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