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Key Product Features

Provides effective immune response and improves digestion

Immune Fish Enzyme benefits:

• Improve bioavailability of ingredients in standard formulated feed

• Enhances non-specific immune response from pathogens and pollution factors

• Removes systemic toxins and waste matter from inside the animal

• Increase digestion capacity of white shrimp to absorb more nutrients from natural and artificial feed sources

• Provides dramatically higher survival ratios

• All-natural and environmentally safe

Immune Fish Enzyme

Aquaculture | Animal Care

Product Description


Immune Fish Enzyme blend is a unique immune enhancing formula specially-designed for species’ with omnivorous feeding habits and normal exposure to highly-dense culture environments.

The natural ingredients found in Immune Fish Enzyme have been selected to strengthen the animals’ survival response against pathogens and pollution. Immune Fish Enzyme contains no steroids or growth hormone additives.

This specialized formula is made from food-grade ingredients that are non-hazardous and nontoxic, many of which are generally regarded as safe (GRAS).

Active ingredients consist of proteins and enzymes with known capabilities to enhance immune response in white shrimp and increases in the digestion of proteins, lipids, phosphorus and carbohydrates for increased absorption and the breakdown of organic wastes.


Beginning the third month of culture (ie. 60 days DOC) and continuing on until harvest of the grow out stage, add 1 – 2 ml/kg of white shrimp feed.

During times of apparent stress or disease, increase the dosage to 5 ml/kg of white shrimp feed.

Prior to application mix Immune Fish Enzyme 1:50 with water.

Topically spray the dilution onto feed. Once sufficiently dried (about 20 minutes of air-drying),feed the white shrimp as you would normally.

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