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A ready to use pond treatment product formulated to reduce pond sludge, turbidity and the nutrients required for the growth of algae




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Product Description


Large build-ups of organic sediment, or sludge, are common in many water bodies. This occurs as years of nutrients and organic matter entering the pond through runoff containing fertilizers, grass clippings, leaves and animal waste. In many ponds the largest contributor to pond sludge is dead algae which accumulates annually.

BioPro’s BioBags Extreme is a biologically active formula containing a proprietary blend of bacterial strains selected for the ability to rapidly break down excess waste material in ponds. BioBags Extreme has been shown to reduce the amount of available phosphorus, resulting in a overall decline in the algal population.

BioBags Extreme’s naturally occurring cultures efficiently digest pond bottom materials and lowers the organic matter in the water column for cleaner water and higher oxygen levels. BioPro’s bacteria are stabilized and shipped in spore form for extended shelf life. Multi-level quality assurance processes mean the purity and microbial concentration of our products are always consistent.

Field Results of BioPro BioBags Extreme

As evident in the graph, the application of BioPro’s BioBags Extreme yielded a major drop in chlorophyll A, a measure of algal concentration, phosphorus, and turbidity. These data were obtained under actual field conditions.


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Privacy Policy
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